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Welcome to SCDC! Come share in our mission and values to develope community awareness..

Executive Director of SCDC








Patsy M. Tito : info@samoancenter.org
Executive Director
Samoan Community Development Center



Our Values:

  • We work collaboratively with organizations and entities that support our mission.

  • We employ and train Samoans and Pacific Islanders to develop community expertise and skills.

  • We treat all people with respect and dignity in our fight against racism, inequity and injustice.

  • We help other Pacific Islander communities and the public at their request.

  • We support Samoan and Pacific Islander professionals, businesses and organizations.

  • We do not practice or tolerate nepotism.

  • We are an open-minded human service public organization, committed to full disclosure of all activities to the community.




"To improve the quality of life for Samoans and Pacific Islanders through self-help, economic self-sufficiency, community solidarity and the preservation of Samoan and Pacific Islander cultures, customs, and traditions"



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